Pueraria Mirifica Breast Enhancement 120 Pills - Menopause, Antioxidant, Anticancer, Heart, Brain
Pueraria Mirifica Breast Enhancement 120 Pills - Menopause, Antioxidant, Anticancer, Heart, Brain

Pueraria Mirifica Breast Enhancement 120 Pills - Menopause, Antioxidant, Anticancer, Heart, Brain

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Years of Research and Studies Led to  

Pueraria Mirifica +

The one Supplement that no women can afford to miss.

In the past, Pueraria Mirifica was used only for health nourishment following the Thai folk medicine recipes. As time goes by, many researchers and scientists start to study on other benefits of Pueraria Mirifica and confirm that Phytoestrogens and nutrients in this herb can offer more properties than just the health care. Its potencies on rejuvenating are also famous nowadays. Below are some outstanding benefits of Pueraria Mirifica to note:


Menopausal Symptoms

Health Care

Breast Enlargement

Body Curve Enhancement

Skin Health & Anti-Aging

Bone Health

Hair Health

Libido & Sexual Capacity

Vaginal Health

120 Capsules

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Menopausal Symptoms


Imbalanced hormone levels can affect your mood and health conditions. After reaching 30s, women commonly face lots of changes in their health and emotions which is called menopause symptoms such as mood swings, insomnia, night sweats, and so forth. These symptoms bother their daily lives and diminish their confidence. However, they can combat with these changes efficiently by taking Pueraria Mirifica. Due to the significant amount of Phytoestrogens in Pueraria Mirifica, the herb has been proved to be a natural hormone replacement for menopausal symptoms.

The research on the efficacy of Pueraria Mirifica on menopausal symptoms with 48 pre and postmenopausal women by Lamlertkittikul reveals that Pueraria Mirifica can help relatively relieve the climacteric symptoms in perimenopausal women. So it is why it can be used for hormone replacement therapy for estradiol because of its ability to improve GSH levels and the activities of antioxidative enzymes.

Health Care

Pueraria Mirifica is an effective health care supplement. The benefits of the human healthiness of this miracle herb are innumerable. Other than the ability to promote blood circulation for better heart health, it can improve sleeping, supply energy, boost the internal organs’ functions and restore bone health. The daily intake of Pueraria Mirifica Powder can also stimulate the fat burning process and reduce the appetite resulting in natural weight loss. Many types of research also suggest that the consumption of this plant’s products can help increase memory by supporting brain functions. Both young and old people can gain from this natural herbal supplement.


Breast Enlargement

Pueraria Mirifica is also a well-known breast enhancing herb due to its properties on boosting the estrogens levels which affect the breast tissue growth and breast appearance. Instead of relying on the breast augmentation, women now turn to use Pueraria Mirifica as an alternative breast enhancement item.

In one test study, among 70 percent of women taking Pueraria Mirifica notice an increase in their breast size and also reduce the appearance of stretch marks. It has been proven to increase the breast size by at least one inch bigger in another study. Moreover, a report has shown that Pueraria Mirifica could help lower the risk of breast cancer. However, further studies may be required, so please consult a proper health consultant if you wish to try Pueraria Mirifica for breast enhancement or breast treatment.


Skin Health & Anti-Aging

Regular intake of Pueraria Mirifica Powder will help restore skin cells and rejuvenate skin conditions. The herb will activate the production of collagen and elasticity which allow the skin to be suppler and firmer. Skin problems such as stretched marks, dark spots, skin dryness or loose skin will be improved. Healthier skin conditions make you look younger and more attractive, so make sure to take care of your skin health. Daily usage of Pueraria Mirifica Cream is also recommended.

There was a study published in the Journal of Fertility and Sterility in 2005. One group of women was asked to take an estrogen supplement while the other group received the placebo. The results have shown that the women who got the estrogen supplement had fewer wrinkles than the group who received the placebo. Researchers believed that human estrogen and phytoestrogens have similar effects on the body.


Bone Health

Osteoporosis is another condition that is extremely common in post-menopausal women. This condition causes the bones to become weak and brittle, which makes them more prone to breaking. Pueraria Mirifica has been shown to improve skeletal health, which can reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

There was also research on the effect of Pueraria Mirifica on bone health in orchidectomized rats. The results suggested that Pueraria Mirifica may be useful to help prevent osteoporosis in the elders. Some people might think that regularly taking calcium supplement is enough to help prevent bone loss, but it is not 100% correct. Without estrogens, this symptom can still occur even after the menopause. Therefore, phytoestrogens in Pueraria Mirifica can help fight against osteoporosis. The use of Pueraria Mirifica supplement along with the calcium and other anabolic agents will be more beneficial.


Hair Health

Lack of nutrients and adverse health conditions are generally the leading causes of hair problems including hair loss, hair breakage, grey hair, and frizzy hair. These problems are annoying for both men and women, and they affect a lot on their confidence with the appearance. Because Pueraria Mirifica is rich in nutrients and vitamins that are necessary for hair health, it can help improve your hair conditions effectively. Unlike some hair nourishments that contain chemicals, taking Pueraria Mirifica every day helps nourish your scalp and strengthen hair naturally with no side effect to concern.


Libido and Sexual Capacity

Many women gradually lose their interest in sexual activity over time due to the decreasing of hormones. This condition is called “low libido” which is a common symptom anyone can experience. Most women never realize it until it affects their relationship. Therefore, it is essential to balance your hormone levels and maintain your intimate relationship. Even though there is no scientific study of Pueraria Mirifica’s property on libido boosting and sexual improvement, the herb has been used for centuries to help with this matter. Many people believe that its strong estrogenic compounds will help fulfill the lost hormones and bring back sexual vitality.


Vaginal Health

Pueraria Mirifica also can moisten the pelvic walls and firm up vagina tissues, what many women are searching for, a natural remedy. Because of the decreasing of estrogen levels, many women suffer from vagina problems which affect on their self-confidence and comfort such as vagina dryness, pain during the intercourse, loose vagina or leukorrhea, and so forth. However, these problems will be faded away after the regular intake of Pueraria Mirifica. The herb will also stimulate the production of lubrication and balance PH for healthier vagina conditions.


Pueraria Mirifica Before and After Usage


When we get older, our body will start to produce fewer hormones which affect a lot on the body system and brain functions. We will gradually notice the changes in our bodies and emotions, especially symptoms that generally occur as we reach menopause period. Skin problems like dry skin, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone, and so forth, will happen even more. Women can also see a considerable change with their bodies easily after having a baby. These things are all effects with the lack of the hormone called “estrogen.” Pueraria Mirifica is recommended the natural remedy for this situation. The herb will help increase the estrogen levels and support body system. After using Pueraria Mirifica, there will be an improvement on both healthiness and beauty. When your hormones are balanced, your internal organs will be able to function better, promoting your health conditions and more youthful appearance. Moreover, Pueraria Mirifica is also high in nutrients and vitamins which are all beneficial for your body. This miracle herb is a natural health supplement to worth to invest in for a long-lasting healthiness and youthfulness.


Pueraria Mirifica for Women


Pueraria Mirifica for WomenPueraria Mirifica can offer various properties for women body. Because of the high Phytoestrogens and hormone-related compounds, the herb helps to boost up the body system and provide rejuvenating features. Apart from balancing the overall hormones in women body, it also promotes skin health and decelerates aging problems which annoying things for many women. By taking Pueraria Mirifica every day as a daily health supplement, women will notice the improvement in their body and healthiness.






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