Little Snowie Max Snow Cone Machine, Premium Shaved Ice Maker, 6-Stick Kit, White
Little Snowie Max Snow Cone Machine, Premium Shaved Ice Maker, 6-Stick Kit, White
Little Snowie Max Snow Cone Machine, Premium Shaved Ice Maker, 6-Stick Kit, White
Little Snowie Max Snow Cone Machine, Premium Shaved Ice Maker, 6-Stick Kit, White
Little Snowie Max Snow Cone Machine, Premium Shaved Ice Maker, 6-Stick Kit, White

Little Snowie Max Snow Cone Machine, Premium Shaved Ice Maker, 6-Stick Kit, White

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The Little Snowie 2 gives you premium Snowie flavor and fun whenever and wherever you need it. Modeled after our commercial ice shavers, it's a budget-friendly way to enjoy premium shaved ice anytime, anywhere. Amplify the fun with Snowie - at home, in the backyard, by the pool, in a park, at parties, family reunions, tailgates, and more!
If you have tasted amazingly soft and delicious shaved ice from an amusement park, concert, sporting event, your local shaved ice shack, or food truck, chances are you have eaten the product of Snowie and didn't even know it! For decades Snowie has been in the Commercial Shaved Ice equipment manufacturing business. Finally, they have taken all the knowledge gained from having successfully served even the pickiest Shave Ice vendors from the beaches of Maui and re-imagined it in the form of a home ice shaver. For the first time ever, you can have Hawaiian Shaved Ice quality without leaving your own back yard!

Uses regular ice cubes!
The Little Snowie is designed to use regular ice cubes straight from your refrigerator ice maker or cube trays. For larger gatherings, store-bought bulk bags of ice cubes work perfectly!
Fill & shape simultaneously!
Use the built-in dome shaper to simultaneously fill your cup and mold the perfect dome top onto any cup of shaved ice or snow cone. With a little bit of practice you'll be cranking out full cups every 3 seconds.
Choose and pour on delicious syrups!
Choose from hundreds of Snowie's flavors of pure cane sugar or sugar free ready to use shaved ice syrups and concentrated flavor options. Snowballs made from the Little Snowie are so fine and powdery that flavors saturate right into the ice rather than pool into the bottom of the cup.

Safety First
The ice shaver will only operate when the lid is fully pressed down. This means that even the tiniest of fingers can never get near the blade or spin paddle when in use.
Commercial Precision
Little Snowie's blade boasts 10 edges (14 total linear inches of ice shaving edge) and is made from 301 stainless steel, extra full hard temper.
Perfect Shape
With the attached dome shaper, simply fill the cup past the brim and mold the perfect shaped top every time.
Little Snowie, Big Motor
1000-watts and 2.7 peak horse power means power, durability, and speed! Never again allow for a home ice shaver to slow you down and become more of a hassle than it's worth. The Little Snowie means BIG business!

The Little Snowie has made many a hero out of mom, dad, grandma or grandpa; and the kid inside all of us will always loves the sweet and sugary blast of nostalgia that comes in a cup of refreshing shaved ice on a hot Summer day. However, we also love to hear of the many delicious desserts our customers are creating with it as well! From mixed drinks like margaritas, pina colada's, and strawberry daiquiri's, to Korean Bingsu, Lemonade and Cold Brew Coffee, Little Snowie gets the job done like no other home ice shaver on the planet. With the Little Snowie Premium Home Ice Shaver, plus a little creativity, you'll have the best birthday, office, block, bbq, holiday or pool party desserts ever!
Here are just a few examples of the things you can make with the Little Snowie

For the tried and true favorite Summertime treat shaved ice, simply add any of our pure cane sugar, sugar free or naturals line flavored syrups.
"Sweet and Refreshing" lemonade just gets a whole lot more refreshing when you add a half a cup of shaved ice from the Little Snowie.
Little Snowie is the only Ice shaver on the planet that can produce a variety of mixed drink flavors at the same time to satisfy your guests many tastes. Simply prepare multiple mixed drinks concoctions and pour over glasses of shaved ice and stir.
Korean Bingsu, Taiwan Bing, those lucky enough to experience the far east know what we're talking about! Fill shaved ice into a bowl over a single scoop of your favorite ice cream, and top it off with your favorite fruits and sweetened condensed milk.

SNOWIE - Ultimate Shaved Ice Party Pack Snowie - Flavor Mania Pack Snowie - Premium Shaved Ice Snow Cone Syrup Ready To Use Snowie Originals - Original Flavor Powders Snowie Original Snow Cone Shaved Ice Reusable Shovel Spoon
Don't forget these to complete your Snowie experience with these! The Snowie Ultimate Snow Cone Party Kit includes everything needed for your next snow cone party! 12 flavor powder packets (makes 12 pints of syrup), 8 Snowie souvenir cups, 2 mixing bottles with pour spouts, and 8 Snowie shovels. Snowie powdered flavors make the highest quality shaved ice snow cone syrups available. Mix with water and granulated sugar to make your own flavor syrup. Snowie flavors are the highest quality snow cone syrups available. Using granulated sugar for quality flavor. The colors are so crisp, bright and taste delicious on every pour! Snowie powdered flavors make the highest quality shaved ice snow cone syrups available. Use granulated sugar for quality flavor and mixing experience. Try something new and exciting with your next icy treat. Why use a boring, old spoon when you can use a brightly colored shovel?
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